> archive of 6 days workshop

> voice changer with mask, mold out of my face

'Another you' is a meeting table for the people who have a difficulty in face to face communication. Using the mirror which is reflective material, people indirectly communicate with other participants in a meeting. Similar to monitor screen, parts of all participants' faces are shown in one frame of the mirror so communication can happen.


This project started from my personal experience in 2015 when I joined the workshop of the social design department, design academy Eindhoven. A group of people stayed in a rural area for 6 days without any electricity, water or mobile phone. This experience brought me the feelings of  physical isolation as well as mental distance which was caused by many features like cultural differences or communication difficulties. In that, I developed my personal experience into wider research to interpret it as social aspects.


Nowadays, people have relatively less opportunity to have a face to face communication by using mediums like computer or mobile phones. Moreover, a group of people so called Hikicomori or Jibsuni are appeared who radically stay against society as social phenomena. People can live with other identities in a virtual world and they can share their lives with monitor screen instead of actual meeting. Like this, a way of communication is constantly changing. Another you table is an althernative for the people who are living on the border's of one form of being and another, or a symbolized object as we are.

Mirror talk





4 people group talk

3 people in a mirror