Instant book is a series of research about current flow of society which can be characterized as 'instant society'. More than Europe, East Asia has been developed under the fast economic growth in just half century and it makes people think we need to produce the best output within the shortest amount of time. This rapid transformation has been created a culture of 'instant' where our desires, technologies and our instant gratification dominate not only our society, but also people's behavior.


When we use the word instant, it is used informally with food and it means food processed for quick preparation. Processed for quick preparation can be found not only in food, but also in various other phenomena so instant can be explained as a general trend. For example, in 2012, there was a big scandal about the misusage of propofol in Korea, which is prohibited drug except for medical purpose because it has an anesthetic ingredient. The reason people used propofol illegally was it allow them to take a deep sleep in a short amount of time. Even in human basic needs, people search for the efficiency. Furthermore, we do not have to spend so much time when we give a present as we can just send a bar code (this is called a gift icon) which can be transformed into the real present.


As a result of this instant manner in relationships and even food, clothing and shelter and so on, instant is becoming a lifestyle which forms our daily life. Instant book started with the question, what are the characteristics of ‘instant culture’ and how has it changed where we are today?