Mass production is an essential way to make lower prices and regular quality in food. It has brought a new era of industrialised food. Economic theory says that the bigger the size of production, the less the cost of production per unit. So consumers benefit with lower prices and producers benefit with huge profits. However, there is a problem. The more we get, the less the value of each product. So, I decided to stand out against mass production, which compresses time in convenience food.


In fast food, people choose the method of frying or stir fry to make it delicious in a short amount of time. French fry, which is a symbol of fast food, is popular in combination with the ingredient potato, which is relatively easy to cultivate and fry. In America, before the Second World War which means the beginning of the fast food empire, people didn’t tend to eat French fries (even though they eat large quantities of potato), because they took too much effort to make them. But nowadays, we can eat French fries in nearby restaurants and we can also buy frozen fries that we can cook easily at a cheaper price thanks to food technology. So potato consumption has dramatically increased, and the amount of increase is mostly consumed as fried potato.


To make the precious French fries which represent mass-produced and easily obtained food, I redesign the fryer machine. This fryer only fries one piece of potato at a time, which is totally inefficient and takes a long time. It will provide an opportunity to rethink the food we consume by making it take a long time to fry one pack of French fries.